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Raritysoft.com is designed to keep users posted about the newest, up-to-date trends and potentials in the field of software development, acting as a convenient platform for users to exchange views and opinions, at the same time operating like a social network. With Raritysoft.com you will be able to familiarize with trending software reviews and descriptions to help you find relevant and useful computer programs, learn other visitors’ judgments and opinions, helpful practical hints and tricks to enhance your knowledge and experiences with any software published on our website, make enquiries, put questions, and receive feedback from our varied and expert user base, share your views and your personality with the world! The most important advantage of our website is that every file placed on it is verified with more than 40 most popular antivirus systems. Users often consider downloading files from the manufacturer's website to be the safest way to obtain them. Based on our own experience and with full confidence we would like to inform you that this point of view is absolutely wrong. Even on the software developer’s website, distribution software file is still a computer program, which may contain whatever, and be in spades stuffed with malicious software and annoying ads, which are quite difficult get rid of. Being such software end users can be very dangerous for you. Every day we refine dozens or even hundreds of seemingly safe files provided to us by quite well-known developers (you would be greatly surprised to learn some of their names). But thanks to our antivirus system, to which we connected all popular antivirus software, the above-mentioned malicious codes have not a single chance to thrive at our website. Be sure – while downloading the product file directly from our website, you are completely safe, as this file is harmless and virus free. We attach a detailed report on the passed tests to each file on our website. Please follow this link to see an example of such a report – http://panda-antivirus-pro.raritysoft.com/windows/antivirus-reports Our users’ safety is the top priority for us.
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